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Efficient Logistics & Packaging: Ensuring Quality for Chemical Products
At our company, we adhere to global packaging standards to ensure the safe and secure transportation of various chemical products. Depending on the nature of the substances, we employ different packaging options.
Our Packaging Standards
For solids:
• Aluminum laminated bag with outer drums
• Teflon bottles
• Aluminum cans
• Cartons
• Fiber or PE drums

For liquids and low–melting solids:
• Teflon bottles
• Steel or PE drums
By implementing these packaging solutions, we prioritize the integrity and protection of the products throughout their journey.

Our commitment to global standards guarantees the utmost safety and reliability for our customers' chemical requirements.

Shipping and Documentation Services
We understand the importance of accurate and timely shipping documentation in ensuring smooth transactions and customer satisfaction.

We take meticulous care to duplicate and dispatch all necessary shipping documents along with the products. The comprehensive set of documents we provide includes but is not limited to:
• Commercial invoice
• Packing list
• Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
• Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
• Certificate of Origin
• Any other requested documents
To ensure the most efficient and cost-effective transport solutions, we work closely with our sister company, Shanghai DSL Logistics Service Co., Ltd. They are experts in the field of logistics and provide reliable and economical transportation services for our customers.